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New Web Based Feed and Speeds Application. No subscription one time pricing. All available add-on Libraries Included!
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About the Cnc Explorer WEB Pro App

With the cost of endmill tools and lumber doesn't it make sense to minimize the chance of errors? CNC Explorer can help make your cuts right the first time.

The CNC Explorer Pro Version WEB App is a software tool to help the CNC'er calculate the optimum "Feed and Speed" settings for their CNC Machines.

The CNC Explorer Pro App includes:

  • The Amana Tool Database,
  • Cadence Jenny Bit Tool Database
  • Whiteside Tool database
  • A large selection of materials to use
  • The PRO app is enabled with the ability to create personal favorite tool and material libraries and even the option to edit and create your own custom tools and materials.

Purchasing the Pro version give you a discount over the upgrade costs of the Basic Version

There are many factors that determine the optimum settings, including the type and geometry of the endmill selected, the material selected, the rigidity of the CNC machine, depth of cut, the width of cut. etc. etc.

Clearly, it can be a daunting task for the hobbyist to calculate all the factors. What is needed is a simple to use tool that is convenient to use, with basic inputs for the beginner but also more advanced and detailed information for the enthusiast.

The CNC Explorer App is such a tool. The App is truly universal able to run on multiple platforms such as web browsers, computer desktops, mobile phones, tablets. Always available at a mouse click ready to pick up where you left off. Customizable and expandable with your own tried and true Setup Recipes. A growing list of supported endmills and materials.

The displays can be easily toggled to show from a basic view with just the right amount of information to calculate a good "Speed and Feed" recommended range. Of you can switch in detailed views showing the various sub calculations the app is performing and allow you to fine-tune the result to perfectly match your requirements.

When you are happy with a recipe you can save it off and recall the exact settings you used last time. You can even use the saved recipes as a starting point for a new setup. We are planning on adding the capability of allowing others in the community to share their recipes as well.

One constant comment we hear from the hobby CNC'er is their machine is not capable of operating at the recommended endmill tool manufacture settings. The CNC Explorer addresses this issue by allowing you to select the type of machine you are using and the "Speed and Feeds" recommendations will be scaled accordingly.

We have put in a great deal of research and development in the CNC Explorer and we hope as you learn more about the tool you too will agree it is a breakthrough in convenience and useability to the Hobbyist CNC'er.

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  1. John Thompson says:

    I am unable to purchase CNC Explorer as checkout says your payee account is restricted in paypal.
    Please let me know when you are ready for me to buy it.

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Paypay is being a butt head and working to resolve the issue. I do have some alternative methods, STRIPE (CC, Apple Pay, Google Pay ) and Square (Credit Cards) If you didn’t pick up a discount coupon use FBOCT on checkout for 25% off the PRO app. I will let you know as well when PayPal sorts me out

  2. Lucky P says:

    Hi, does it support Ooznest Workbee CNC machines?

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